About us

This is an image Established in 2004 as a small, independent editing production company, Nature Productions is a full-service studio helping over 60 programs with their editing, closed captioning and production needs. Headed by multi award-winning president Blaine Anthony, Nature Productions is one of the foremost providers of production services for programs on networks such as Discovery, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit, Fox Sports, NBC Sports and syndicated television.
         Some of Nature Productions' current shows include The Bear Whisperer, North American Safari, Away Outdoors, The Hitmen, Tim Sylvia's Hit Squad, Uncaged, Dressed to Kill, Freedom Fighters and many others contracted on Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit, Wild TV, NBC Sports and more.
          We do closed captioning for dozens of programs including Buck Commander, Hunters Specialities, Adrenalin Junkies, Backland Experiences and dozens more on any and all networks meeting full FCC requirements.

          Nature Productions has been a leading producer of outdoor series before there were hundreds of hunting shows. Nature Productions has been behind the scenes working with producers for years creating the standard for outdoor television and raising the bar every year it has been in existence.
          In addition to its expertise in the outdoor industry, Nature Productions has branched out to other TV specialties including auto racing, MMA fighting and reality TV.
          Also, as a natural extension of Nature Productions' programming and production services, they offer corporate clients the creation of industrial and educational videos, commercials and visual marketing tools designed to increase sales, enhance recruiting, and support publicity campaigns.
          Under Blaine Anthony's leadership, Nature Productions has built a reputation as a versatile, affordable and trusted full-service production supplier with the ability to deliver high quality shows in a in a cost-effective manner. In the time of its existence, Nature Productions has racked up 21 awards for its television programming including the Sportsman Choice Award. Ultimately, Nature Productions is more than an outdoor-based production company...it's a full-service studio that knows the formula for success.