This is an image Nature Productions has created a program for do it yourself videographer’s to get your hunts professionally edited and then aired on National TV. It is pretty simple, we have teamed up with many TV shows across the United States and Canada to get your hunt aired nationally in either the United States or Canada. What network and which show will depend on when you want you hunt aired. The majority of what we air is on The Pursuit Channel in the US or Wild TV in Canada.

You pay a flat fee of $1500, which includes the following:

    • Your hunt will be professionally edited by Nature Productions.  The same care and quality will be put into your hunt like we do for all 13 TV shows we currently produce.
    • Closed captioning will be professionally ingested in to the hunt/video so it can be aired on any national TV network.
    • We will strike a deal for you that will add your hunt for an entire week to a nationally aired TV show in either Canada or the US.
    • Professional advice on how to finish the needed video, including commentary, so that you look as professional as any other outdoor personality on TV today.

    As you may or may not know, most professional production companies charge much more than $1500 just to edit a hunt, so why are we willing to make this deal?  In many situations, it adds great content for one of the many shows we produce.  This helps both you and us in this one of a kind endeavor.

    For more information, please send us an email at and we can get a contract out to you or give you any further information.  There is a very limited supply of what is available, so act fast if you are interested.